Ashland robed in her fall colors

Celebrating Autumn here in Ashland Oregon! Explosions of color nestled in the Siskiyou Mountains. Lithia Park is an attractive destination!

Ashland Oregon is bonkers with fall colors, Lithia Park is her crown jewel. Lithia Park was designed by the famous landscape architect John McLaren in 1914. McLaren also designed Golden Gate Park. He is credited with planting over 2 million trees during his lifetime!

At 93 acres, it is large for a town of only 21,000, but the park hosts a million visitors a year.

Take a stroll from the Ashland Plaza and meaner among the brilliant autumn colors, following Ashland Creek. Lithia Park is also the gateway to the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest with the all the splendor of the Ashland Creek watershed nestled inside. This is where the clear and clean drinking water for the city of Ashland comes all the way down from Mt. Ashland!

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