Hand drill fire lesson, Ancient Technique

Today we had the great pleasure to have Mr. Robin Bliss-Wagner as guest. Robin is a Survivalist, Educator and Wilderness Skills Expert. We went up on the Siskiyou Crest to have a lesson in the Ancient technique of starting a fire with only natural materials- a hand drill and some dry tinder.

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Just had the great pleasure to spend the day in the mountains with these folks. Three different families from the Bay Area. Telling stories, taking about history and discussing fear of the Dark, Monsters and the Wym Hoff Method! This is a method of breathing to overcome fear, pain, anxiety and trauma. Had a great conversation about how to override the fear using reason. Head to our video linked above to see the entire episode!

This is part of our outdoor adventure tour series- Winter Adventures. Just click the link and join us in conversation and adventure!