When the road to Crater Lake is CLOSED!

– what would ROGUETROTTER do?

The Rim Road is usually open year round. That’s how we drive up to all the splendid viewpoints in the Park. Seldomly, it will be closed due to heavy snowfall(Crater Lake is the snowiest place in the lower 48 states!).

When this happens the Park Service will shut down the road while their equipment is working to clear the snow.

Trekking to the Rim under your own power is one of the most rewarding(and well earned!) experiences. Perhaps the best view of Crater Lake you’ll ever see!

In order to see the lake it is necessary to climb the arduous 1 mile Raven Trail to get to the rim. Many attempt it, many turn back. 1 mile slogging uphill though deep deep snow is a good workout! It may feel like trudging 8 miles uphill.

My guests today are a mother and daughter team. They took great pains to get to Crater Lake NP only to find out that they have their work cut out for them! Will they make it? Click on the video below to find out!

If you are planning a trip to Crater Lake in winter(October-May), definitely reach out to us. We have a lot of valuable intel, experience and resources. We would love to hear from you and can possibly share some helpful information.

Check out the Crater Lake National Park website, a great resource to determine what roads are open, check the webcams and get in touch.