About Us


We specialize in edifying forays into the landscape with our knowledgeable tour guides. We love to share our unique view of the Rogue Valley and environs from multiple vistas: the historical, the geological and the naturalist. Whether by bike, hike or ski, or in one of our luxury automobiles, we deliver personalized, educational, and heart warming adventures leaving behind fond memories and elevated spirits. “Whats around the next bend?” What indeed! Lets explore together!


  • Our luxury wine tours with a professional steward of the industry is exemplar of our love of viticulture; the landscapes, the cultivation, and most of all the people.
  • Lets go to Crater Lake! Crater lake is one of the most truly breathtaking  places on the planet. How was it formed? How old is it? How deep? These and many other questions are raised by being in the presence of cyan jewel of the Cascades. Our official Crater Lake guides take you on a deeply rewarding journey to Oregons one and only National Park.