Our Mission & Staff

We specialize in edifying forays into the landscape. Our team of knowledgable tour guides offer unique view of the Rogue Valley and environs from multiple vistas: the historical, the geological and the naturalist. Whether by bike, hike or ski, or in one of our luxury automobiles, we deliver personalized, educational, and heart warming adventures leaving behind fond memories and elevated spirits. “Whats around the next bend?” What indeed! Lets explore together!

Nathan Dwyer, owner/operator. Tour guide, wine steward, storyteller and world traveler. His passion is showcasing the majestic landscapes of Crater Lake, Redwood National Park, and the Oregon Coast. He has cycle toured across Europe and Scandinavia, East Asia and Canada. He has lived in Ashland on and off for a total of twelve years. After a nine year stint in SanFrancisco as a wine steward and guide he happily relocated with his rapidly growing family back to the Rogue Valley.


M. Kim Lewis and Ginny Billings Lewis: Founders
Main Street Tours was founded in 2005 by Kim and Ginny Billings Lewis. It is an expression of decades of love and appreciation for the rare quality of life we all share who are able to call the Southern Oregon region “home.”

Ginny’s family were original Ashland, Oregon homesteaders who still 150 years later live on and run the Billings Farm & Ranch on the north side of Ashland. Ginny’s Great Grandfather co-founded the Ashland Chataqua Movement and building which later was built upon for the current walls of the Elizabethan Outdoor Theatre of the Oregon Shakespeare Theatre.


Chris Wagenet: Tour Guide

Chris likes to be called “The Weather Man” as he is a registered meteorologist who is on call for KOBI-TV. He also teaches math at Crater High School. Every day off he prefers to be in the woods hiking, biking or guiding our trips. He plays a pretty tune or two on the piano as well.
Ask for him as a guide and you’ll have one of the best!

Brandon Breen: Tour Guide and Bird Specialist 

Brandon is an ornithologist and writer who has lived in Ashland, Oregon since 2012. Brandon has worked on numerous avian research projects throughout the USA and abroad, focusing on such species as the California and Andean condors, the gray-crowned rosy-finch, and the golden-cheeked warbler. Brandon studied turkey vultures in the Falkland Islands for his M.Sc. in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota.
Brandon leads backpacking and birding trips for the Sierra Club, Rogue Valley Audubon Society, and Main Street Tours. The bird Brandon would most like to see is the cream-colored woodpecker.

Arthur Dwyer: Toddler, Intrepid Swashbuckler and Mud Puddle Specialist

Arthur has been jumping up and down in mud puddles for a couple of years now and has a goodworking knowledge of: 1) how to find them, 2) how to jump in them and 3) how to make it look really fun. He is thinking of going on to Phd in puddles so that he can extol the virtues of jumping in them to academics and lay persons alike.