Guided Fly-Fishing for All Levels

Oregon Guided Fly Fishing for all levels

Guided Fly Fishing or Standard Reel Fishing on Rivers & Lakes of Southern Oregon / No. Ca – watch for our Salmon-Steelhead Updates Spring / Summer/ Fall 2016

Let us take you on a fly fishing or on a spinning reel guided adventure on the Rogue River, Klamath, Williamson, Wood or Umpqua…Rivers for Trout, Steelhead and Salmon. Some of Southern Oregon’s and Northern California’s Finest Rivers, Streams, Bays and Lakes…Our Guiides can put you over the big ones!

“The native trout in the Klamath Rivers are like catching a powerhouse of electricity…mine jumping numerous times before landing. Main Street Tours offers the best in experienced guides and unique lodging” -Clay Shurman-Seattle,Wa

fishing-TroutWilliamson2010 fishing-Kimswilliamsontrout

Two 5 lb trophy trout caught while fly-fishing the Williamson River by Clay Schurman of Seattle, Washington and M. Kim Lewis (owner of Main Street Adventure Tours) in Ashland, OR . They get even bigger here!

No matter what your skill level is, everyone can use a little brushing up and getting out on the magical pristine waters of Southern Oregon. We have a few choices our guides will take you to, instruct you on what to do, how to do it and then let you experience the joys of ” FISH ON!”.

fishing-pic3Option One: Guided 2/3 Day Fly fishing on High Mountain Lakes or Nearby Rivers: We meet at 8-9 am am and return by 3 pm from a 2/3 day of flyfishing technique brush-up lessons, discussion of native trout habitat, reading the insect aquatic life and open water flycasting with almost guaranteed catching catch and release 12-22” grand rainbows.

Cost $159 per person (min. two people) Includes guide, all fly fishing gear, flies, snack or lunch, water and transport.

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fishing-pic2Option Two: Guided Full-Day in the Klamath Basin with Trophy Trout – learning about where trout are not measure in ounces or inches yet in pounds and feet! while Fly Fishing for trophy trout. The Klamath Basin is home to the Williamson River as well as the Wood River, both spring creeks which contain populations of large wild Redband Trout and Brown Trout. Other local area spring creeks like Crystal Creek also provide fly fishing opportunities in the Klamath Falls area to catch trophy fish. This exciting style of river fishing that is thrill-producing and you haven’t lived until you have done it ! Best times are Memorial Day Weekend through October 31st!

• it Includes guide, all fly fishing gear, flies-lures, instruction, lunch, water, and transport starting at $225 per person (min two or we will find you a partner)

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In memory of our beloved Bill Gilliam, one of our founding member guides.
In memory of our beloved Bill Gilliam, one of our founding member guides.

Most expert anglers agree that Southern Oregon holds some of the best fly-fish waters anywhere in the western region of the United States. One location known by nearly all local enthusiasts is named

“The Holy Water.” This short stretch of catch-and-release–only water on the Rogue River is just downstream from the Lost Creek Recreational Lake Dam, near the town of Shady Cove, on Highway 62. At “The Holy Water,” big rainbow trout inhabit creek-like water, and carefully inspect an angler’s offering.We recommend waders and walk-in of course with barbless hooks.

GUIDED FLY-FISHING or Drift Fishing-all gear provided
Main Street Tours guides will take you to these or other open waters , most are tributaries of the Rogue River, for a brush-up lesson in fly fishing. Catch-and-release or at various sites catch to keep within Oregon limits your prize trout , steelhead or salmon in season.

Option Three: 2/3 Day Rogue River Mc Kenzie-Style Drift Boat Trip: You will be guided in the seated comfort of a river aluminum custom drift boat made just for this style of trout, steelhead or salmon fishing. A guide willl show you all the sevrets and how to fish this exciting style of river fishing that is thrill-producing!- Includes guide, all fly fishing gear, flies-lures, instruction, snack or lunch, water. and transport directions to the river location chosen as best

$225 per person (min two or we will find you a partner)

DID YOU KNOW: “Movie Stardom on the Rogue”
fishing-clark_gableIn the 1930’s the Rogue enjoyed a surge of Hollywood glitter as it became the watchword in fishing for such luminaries as Clark Gable, John Wayne,Ginger Rogers, Zane Grey and Herbert Hoover.Clark Gable was overheard to say at a star-studded Hollywood dinner “Well, I’d rather be eating flapjacks at the Weasku Inn,” an historic inn located on the Rogue River by the Savage Rapids Dam.And who can forget that historic jump in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” reputed to have taken place in Hellgate Canyon’ and Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep in rafting chase scenes 1994 film “ The River Wild”.
(The famed author, Zane Grey, photographed while fishing on the Rogue River were he had a family cabin which is a historic landmark today.)

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Main Street Tours Terms and Conditions

Daily tours are designed to accommodate a minimum of 2 or more persons. We also make arrangements for larger group tours — ask about our larger group discounts.
Our tour guides are professional hosts and educators, and our transport vehicles are custom, air-conditioned vans, Town Cars, or in some cases, buses.
We request that a hold deposit for a date is secured in advance and that all tours be paid in full by the tour departure date.
CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations after deposits are made, received more than 48 hours prior to a tour date or reservation booking, will result in a refund of 90% of the reservation price to cover our handling costs. Less than 48 hours from tour departure, a 50% cancellation fee is required. Feel free to contact us at (541) 482-9852 for extenuating circumstances.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles left on board any of our vehicles or at wineries.
We are safety certified by the Red Cross.

Oregon Guided Fly Fishing for all levels